• Are The Jaybird X2 Waterproof

    Are The Jaybird X2 Waterproof

    The Jaybird X2 have become a popular gadget amongst fitness enthusiasts. This is because of its unique build and design that offers exceptional entertainment when working out. Additionally, it also features Bluetooth connectivity. As a result, you can sync it with your phone and pick calls while exercising and go about your communication needs comfortably.

    Despite the Jaybird X2 being one of the best earphones for fitness enthusiasts, there has been a lot of questions online regarding whether it is waterproof or not.

    The article below will discuss if the Jaybird X2 is waterproof or not. If you are looking for a full review of Jaybird X2 and other gadgets, kindly navigate to newrealreview.com

    Are The Jaybird X2 Waterproof?

    The simple answer to this question is No. The Jaybird X2 is not waterproof. A lot of fitness enthusiasts mistake the Jaybird X2 feature of being sweat resistant to being waterproof. the manufacturers of the Jaybird X2 paid more attention to making the earphones sweat resistant. Because when a person works out, they tend to sweat a lot.


    Ordinary earphones might get spoilt when they come into contact with sweat. But the Jaybird X2 is designed to be sweat resistant. This does not imply in any way that you should go swimming with the Jaybird X2 or have them on when it’s raining. Doing so may damage the earphones, and you might not qualify for a refund if the cause of damage is water and not sweat.

    Don’t forget that sweat can’t be compared to water. It mostly trickles downwards, and it’s in small amounts. Water is more significant and can penetrate the earphones from its various entry points. This is why even if you have already purchased your set of Jaybird X2 earphones. Kindly ensure that it doesn’t get into contact with water.


    Overall, Jaybird X2 is an excellent set of earphones. It snugly fits into your ears and doesn’t pop off, no matter how vigorous your movements are. It is also Bluetooth enabled and sweat resistant. However, it is not waterproof.

  • Halloween party

    How Do I Plan A Kids Halloween Party

    It has come to the time of the year when you need to get some candy in bulk, curve up your lanterns, and get the best costumes for your kids for this special day. Well, if you have not had a Halloween party for a while, then this should be a good idea to try out this year.

    Get a good plan for the kids’ Halloween party and enjoy every moment of the event. Below are some of the ideas to help you get the best method for this big event.

    1. Decide on what is appropriate for the age group that you are dealing with


    Kids in different age groups will tend to differ in their preferences, and it is thus important to through a party that suits the specific age group of your toddlers. You may think of engaging the kids in some toy games, playing with them in some blood-drenched knife games, or any exciting activities that would consider for the age group that you are serving.

    2. Make a list of the expected guests

    ‘ to make a reasonable budget on the number of people expected for the event. This would help get enough supplies for all kids that will be attending the party.

    3. Plan for food

    It is a halloween party, and you, therefore, need to prepare delicious meals for your little toddlers. Kids don’t take much food, but you should ensure that there is enough supply to leave everyone stuffed.

    4. Plan games

    Children In Fancy Costume Dress Going Trick Or Treating

    Get some good ideas on the best games that would suit your little toddlers. Games such as the bean bag tosses are perfect for younger children. You can also buy prizes to award every kid who wins the game.

    5. Make decorations and set up for the party

    Little toddlers are fun of exciting decorations, and you will, therefore, need to decorate your home with some fantastic colors and themes. Once everything is in place, you can set up the party and get ready for your guests to roll in.

    Planning a kid’s party can be hectic, especially if you are dealing with different age groups. However, the outlined ideas should help you get a perfect plan for a kid’s Halloween party.

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  • Legacy-Entertainment-Escape-Authority-Worlds-First-Escape-Room-Concept1

    Are Escape Rooms Dark

    If you have never been in the escape room, then it can be so scary and dark. The clocks ticks at zero, and you did not get a solution to leaving the escape room, and you have no option but staying closed in the place. It gets so strange in no time, and if you are not strong enough, it can be nerve-wracking.

    Your heart beats faster since you have no idea of getting out of the locked room. There will be some clues and flashlights to help you get out of the room.

    However, you will have to work together as a team to get opinions on how to get a perfect of solving the stated problem. Some cryptic words, blood paintings on the wall, or even some arrows will be indicated in the room to get your ideas on leaving the room, but you also need to think critically.

    Scary experience


    escape room chicago il can be a great way of adventure. It is indeed a fun experience that many people are turning to bond with their families. However, it can be scary locked in the darkroom with no hope of getting out once the clock ticks, and you have no idea of getting out of the room.

    It’s scary but also exciting, especially for people taking a new adventure in the escape room game. If you are the kind of person who wants to experience these scary features, then you can take up the challenge.

    Take up your friends with you and let them experience insomnia and the adrenaline rush inside the dark, scary locked rooms.


    It can be a scary experience, but your skills will be sharpened as you keep thinking of getting a way out. Try it out, and your mind will all be focused on thinking on how to get out of the escape room before the clock ticks.

  • Listen to Beautiful Music at the Frontera Festival

    Listen to Beautiful Music at the Frontera Festival

    What is life without music? Have you ever wondered? Is there ever a time when you ran out of music? Impossible to think right? There may be different variations and different preferences but still, music is there. It never goes away. It transforms into one melody after another but it remains.

    Music is an organized sound. It is touched uniquely by different cultures around the world. This is because music is the reflection of a place’s history – of its rich heritage. Most of the time, music is written to tell a story. It exists because it is a form of expression. It is there for people to communicate with each other. It is an important part of every culture. This is why, there are even places around the world that even celebrates their music, and this is by hosting music festivals that are attended by millions of people all over the world.

    Frontera Festival is a music festival that celebrates Latin music. In fact, it is among the most important Latin music events in South Africa and is celebrated annually. Many artists participate in this event to let people celebrate with them as they play fantastic Latin music day and night. They feature different genres of Latin music and different styles that would invite you to dance with them all night long. What more is that this event is graced by popular artists and even important personalities. This is too big of an event for one to miss.

    What should you expect when you attend this event? Too much fun and excitement. Music that seems to never end. Exquisite and unique artistic performances. The list just goes on and on. There are also overflowing of drinks and food at the venue and people in clothing they are most comfortable in. You can be as stylish as you want when you attend this event. Although this festival is held annually, there are always new artists one should look forward to. Both amateur and professional solo artists and bands are always welcome to participate. As long as they have the talent and can evoke the feelings of the crowd through their music, they are given the stage to perform.

    Listen to Beautiful Music at the Frontera Festival

    Frontera Music Festival would pull you out of your garage doors in Milwaukee. It is very inviting that no matter what mood you are in during the event, it would immediately alleviate your stress. What more is that here you can meet a lot of people that from different parts of the world. They really come together just to witness this event. This is an opportunity of a lifetime that you should attend at least once. You’ll understand more the Latino culture when you do and you’d also find a new appreciation for them.

    At this website, we give you the news about the Frontera Music Festival. So make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you won’t miss the most updated news about the festival. Make sure to always keep your senses open especially when the tickets already start selling. It is easily sold out so grab yours immediately.

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