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    Are Escape Rooms Dark

    If you have never been in the escape room, then it can be so scary and dark. The clocks ticks at zero, and you did not get a solution to leaving the escape room, and you have no option but staying closed in the place. It gets so strange in no time, and if you are not strong enough, it can be nerve-wracking.

    Your heart beats faster since you have no idea of getting out of the locked room. There will be some clues and flashlights to help you get out of the room.

    However, you will have to work together as a team to get opinions on how to get a perfect of solving the stated problem. Some cryptic words, blood paintings on the wall, or even some arrows will be indicated in the room to get your ideas on leaving the room, but you also need to think critically.

    Scary experience


    escape room chicago il can be a great way of adventure. It is indeed a fun experience that many people are turning to bond with their families. However, it can be scary locked in the darkroom with no hope of getting out once the clock ticks, and you have no idea of getting out of the room.

    It’s scary but also exciting, especially for people taking a new adventure in the escape room game. If you are the kind of person who wants to experience these scary features, then you can take up the challenge.

    Take up your friends with you and let them experience insomnia and the adrenaline rush inside the dark, scary locked rooms.


    It can be a scary experience, but your skills will be sharpened as you keep thinking of getting a way out. Try it out, and your mind will all be focused on thinking on how to get out of the escape room before the clock ticks.