WELCOME TO Frontera Festival

What is life without music? Have you ever wondered? Is there ever a time when you ran out of music? Impossible to think right? There may be different variations and different preferences but still, music is there. It never goes away. It transforms into one melody after another but it remains.

"Music is an organized sound. It is touched uniquely by different cultures around the world. This is because music is the reflection of a place’s history – of its rich heritage. Most of the time, music is written to tell a story. It exists because it is a form of expression. It is there for people to communicate with each other. It is an important part of every culture. This is why, there are even places around the world that even celebrates their music, and this is by hosting music festivals that are attended by millions of people all over the world."


Frontera Festival is a music festival that celebrates Latin music. In fact, it is among the most important Latin music events in South Africa and is celebrated annually. Many artists participate in this event to let people celebrate with them as they play fantastic Latin music day and night. They feature different genres of Latin music and different styles that would invite you to dance with them all night long. What more is that this event is graced by popular artists and even important personalities. This is too big of an event for one to miss.

fun and excitement

What should you expect when you attend this event? Too much fun and excitement. Music that seems to never end. Exquisite and unique artistic performances. The list just goes on and on. There are also overflowing of drinks and food at the venue and people in clothing they are most comfortable in.

Both amateur and professional

You can be as stylish as you want when you attend this event. Although this festival is held annually, there are always new artists one should look forward to. Both amateur and professional solo artists and bands are always welcome to participate. As long as they have the talent and can evoke the feelings of the crowd through their music, they are given the stage to perform.

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fall in love with Frontera Festival

Very inviting

Frontera Music Festival would pull you out of your garage doors in Milwaukee. It is very inviting that no matter what mood you are in during the event, it would immediately alleviate your stress.

Find a new appreciation

This is an opportunity of a lifetime that you should attend at least once. You’ll understand more the Latino culture when you do and you’d also find a new appreciation for them.

Meet a lot of people

What more is that here you can meet a lot of people that from different parts of the world. They really come together just to witness this event.

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Make a beautiful decision

Make sure to always keep your senses open especially when the tickets already start selling. It is easily sold out so grab yours immediately.


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