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After my cleansing balm, I use the Holifrog Cleanser again, because I really liked how it felt last night

After my cleansing balm, I use the Holifrog Cleanser again, because I really liked how it felt last night

pm – I get into my pyjamas and go do my skincare routine. I follow it up with the Naturium Niacinamide Serum, Go-To Face Hero oil and Youth To The People Adaptogen Moisturiser. The skin around my eyes is feeling sensitive so I add some of the Avene Cicalfate Cream, which is a lifesaver for sensitive patches.

pm – I end up reading more of my book, so the night is later than I intended. I turn my alarms off because tomorrow is Saturday and I can have a sleep in.

Day Six

9:00am – I have a decent sleep in, but it’s a very rainy morning so I make a coffee and come back to bed. Our new place has a small yard, which is mostly weeds, so we’ve been trying to rehabilitate the grass. We also need to do the grocery shopping, so we make a bit of a list for that.

am – We decide it’s time to get up, so we get showered and dressed for the day. My skin needs a little extra TLC, so I apply some of the Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Serum, Nudestix Skin Citrus-C Moisturiser and Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF50 for some glow. I make a coffee and pop it in my travel cup, while my boyfriend puts his work clothes in the machine to wash while we’re out.

1:00pm – Bunnings is super busy, but we find the weed killer ($16) we need and end up looking in the plant section. We decide to also get one of the established terrariums they have ($), which come in their own glass vase so all you have to do is keep them alive. We load them into the car and go next door to Woolworths for our groceries. It’s a bigger shop this week, as we’re picking up some bonus items for a cheeseboard and my birthday dinner ($192). We also end up picking up ingredients so that we can make margaritas ($71) for Facetime drinks we’re doing with my family tonight. My partner puts it all on his card but I transfer the money for my half of everything. $

2:00pm – After unpacking everything from the car, I pop some pies from the freezer in the oven for lunch. The house has gotten really hot while we were out, so I put the air con on to make it more comfortable. The washing is done from before we went out, so I hang that on the line.

4:00pm – For dinner, we’re having slow-cooked beef tacos, so we brown the beef and get it simmering in the sauce. It’s a recipe from a cookbook my grandma gave me and it’s one of our favourites – really great to do on the weekend and it makes plenty, so there’s always leftovers. We use chuck beef because it’s being slow-cooked, so it’s also quite economical.

We have a lazy lie-in, going over the plans for the weekend and what we need from Bunnings later

5:30pm – My boyfriend makes margaritas and sets up the cheeseboard whilst I get changed and put on a little make-up. We set up my phone so that when my family call on Facetime we can all do a cheers with our margaritas. It’s super fun no credit check payday loans Racine OH being able to have calls like this, so I can open my birthday present from my sister and it feels a bit like we’re together. The main part of my present is a gorgeous lilac linen robe, which I’ve been wanting for ages, so I feel very spoiled.

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