Avoid These Mistakes as a Beginner Motorcycle Rider

However professional biker you are, you had to be a beginner once. Once you step into the world of bikes, there are a lot of things that attract you. You go to and fro searching for a bike for yourself from the Italian motorcycles such as MV Agusta to the German motorcycles such as BMW. It still takes a lot of searching to find a motorcycle for yourself. If you are a beginner then there are some things that you have to care about.

Bad Clutch Control

Clutch control comes first when you ride a bike yet it is one of the things that people struggle with. Understanding the concept of using a clutch is very important. The most vital thing to do is to listen to all the things that your instructor tells you. If you follow their instructions there is no way you can go wrong anywhere. Just don’t think that you know what you are doing but it is essential that you put it all to practice and motion. Practice until you perfect your clutch control else you may have adverse consequences while riding your motorcycle.


Taking basic care of your motorcycle is something you should learn as a new rider. Maintaining your bike is very important, for you and for your bike as well. If you don’t do this you will have to visit your mechanic regularly and that will be very expensive for you.
Not only will it keep you safe but also increase your motorcycle’s life. It is a good thing if you keep track of your bike and keep on inspecting for any kind of damages. Keep check of the tires, the chain, fluid level and all the important parts of the motorcycle.


Another mistake bikers make is that they leave the crutch open. Don’t be so excited that you jump on your bike and straightaway start riding. It is not at all good for your motorcycle’s engine. This is one of the types of mistakes a beginner generally makes.

One other mistake regarding the crutch is the dirt. Start riding the bike before fully raising the crutch. Spring will take it back to its initial position. Make sure that your crutch is closed before you start your engine.

Break at the curves

Have you ever applied breaks on a curve just because you thought you were going very fast? That it was the only way out? You are totally wrong. If you ever face a situation as such simply maintain your speed till the curve ends and then after that slowdown. This way you will be able to save your motorcycle or else you may fall. The bike moves with your body hence maintaining your body control to ride a bike.

Manholes or other obstacles on the roads

The manholes and other things on the road such as white marks or other retarders are something not made keeping the bike riders in mind. If during the rainy season you pass or break on them, you might slip or become wet. There is no solution for this problem but it is better to avoid them. When you can’t keep in mind to take extra care while doing so. Try keeping your motorcycle as straight as you can.

Forgetting to Switch off your Indicator

This may even happen to experienced individuals so what are beginners in front of that? Forgetting to turn off the indicator is a mistake that is common among the newbies in the biking world.
Some of the bikes may come with auto-turning off indicators but for those who have to close it manually, remember to do it. This could confuse the driver behind you. You will start remembering once you become accustomed to riding your bike.

Riding too close to other Vehicles

You should always be two seconds away from the vehicle in front of you and four seconds away during the rainy season as there are chances that you may slip. You should do this so that you are able to predict the way the person in front of you will drive. This is done to safeguard yourself from something that happens in front of you, and so that you are not too late in taking an action.

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