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    This is a different one of those unisex brands

    This is a different one of those unisex brands

    Say bye-bye into the older type of Bobby as a name for males, and hello to a great spelling of Bobbie as a lovely tomboy term for little girls! Bobbie can be so adorable. With a reputation similar to this, she actually is certain to function as life of the party as she tends to make the lady tomboy steps recognized. She will become confident and certain of herself, and absolutely a beauty. Doesn’t that sound like a Bobbie?! This sweet, however stronger name’s of German source. The name meaning is regarded as a kind too. Bobbie implies famed, brilliant, and shining. Appears simply perfect!

    16 Girly Lady: Angelica

    We understand which you imagine the sweet kids lady is somewhat angel. Why don’t you offer this lady a name that fits their lovable, girly character? Angelica age you have been looking for! This girly female name’s very sweet and good, which is certainly climbing those child woman identity maps. The name Angelica is actually of Latin source. It indicates what all of us most likely believe this means- like an angel. Angelica are a very pretty label for a tremendously pretty and beautiful little girl. Choose this sweet identity before it will get too well-known!

    15 Tomboy: Jamie

    You are looking for the perfect name to suit your little four legged friend.

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