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    Feeling policies and sexualities: Postfeminist boys in Swedish television

    Feeling policies and sexualities: Postfeminist boys in Swedish television

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    Postfeminist cultural representations have demostrated people as bumbling anti-heroes, so when painful and sensitive and supportive of feminism. Data on postfeminist boys possess mainly been based on British and people cultural representations, while more contexts have obtained little interest. In this specific article, We deepen the understanding of postfeminist portrayals of males by focussing on Sweden and on preparations of men’s emotionality and sexuality. I also create the concept of postfeminist sensation regulations by pertaining it to people. The material of the study is actually young men, a 2015 Swedish TV show about two younger feminist men. This article covers a number of feminist-inspired discourses present in the series, like narratives of personal development, men’s feelings such as themselves progressive and a (semi)problematization of heterosexuality, which lower gender government to focus mainly the psychological resides of men. The postfeminist experience formula made when you look at the collection privilege reflexiveness and, basically, ‘letting out’ emotions and sexual desires. However, we argue that the show implies a careful curating of psychological showcases, leaving out, by way of example, aggression. The article shows the importance of vitally examining mediated productions of postfeminist male spots in numerous contexts, and deepens the knowledge of exactly how postfeminism address and creates masculine subject areas.

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