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    Donald Trump isn’t a Racist: Change my Mind

    Donald Trump isn’t a Racist: Change my Mind

    7 racist points Donald trump stated:

    1: Trump”s real-estate team tried to prevent renting flats to African-Americans. (01)

    2: estimate from Donald Trump: “Ebony guys checking my personal cash! I dislike they. ” i do believe that the guy is actually idle. And it also”s perhaps not their failing, Because laziness try a trait in blacks.

    3: Donald Trump called black vast majority region like Haiti and Nigeria, “S*** opening nations” (02). He wants additional immigrants from places like Norway, Because Norwegians is caucasian. Precisely why else would he want Norwegian immigrants and never Haitian people, Or Nigerian your?

    4: Donald Trump mentioned, “all Haitians “have AIDS” and this Nigerians should not return to her “huts. “” This reinforces stereotypes that Hatians need AIDS and that Nigerians/Africans become bad.

    5: Trump implicated assess Gonzalo Curiel of not being able to perform their job because he is a “Mexican. ” he had been created in Indiana. (03)

    6: The KKK stated, “”Why lots of Klan members like Donald Trump is because plenty of just what the guy believes, We believe in.

    7: The Guardian claims, “”When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, The bosses would order all the black colored men and women off of the floors, “”(05). This may were because of Trump informing their staff members to obtain the racial minorities from the casino.

    1: this really is a quotation from the source of the claim- “In equity, Those fits date from long ago[1970], and discriminatory guidelines were most likely set up maybe not by Donald Trump but by their father.

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