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    It’s been referred to as “Levinger’s Design

    It’s been referred to as “Levinger’s Design

    Fundamentally, human beings try rational animals, able to make sound alternatives if the advantages and disadvantages regarding the choice try understood. Which theory uses a formula determine the choice and come up with processes: (REWARDS-COSTS)=Outcomes otherwise (The things i step out of it-What i reduce by doing it)=My choice. Inside 1979 Levinger and you will Moles had written a section inside the a great scholarly anthology where it talked about the brand new intellectual choice made by partners exactly who had been considering divorcing otherwise left married. ” Levinger’s Model looks like so it throughout the formula: AttractionsBarriers)+/- Option Web sites= My choice to keep married otherwise divorce proceedings. Consider Table dos lower than to see a typical example of just how Levinger’s Design describes the options some one might make as well as their thought of perks and you can will cost you.

    Levinger’s Barriers are just the expenses or punishments that might be obtain in the event that a wedded individual decided to separation. Such you’ll include shedding all of the web sites and magnets, switching in order to a terrible condition, suffering a department away from riches, co-child-rearing far away and you will as opposed to exact same-family benefits, experience a difference/reduction in sexual regularity and you may predictability, and you may dropping the and be concerned boundary one maried people enjoy (also unhappily married couples experience particular measure of so it barrier).

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