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    Erotophobia- Anxiety about sexual love otherwise sexual inquiries

    Erotophobia- Anxiety about sexual love otherwise sexual inquiries

    Genophobia- Concern with sex

    A-b-c D Age F G H I J K L Yards Letter O P Q Roentgen S T U V W X Y Z | Top Decidophobia- Concern about decision making. Defecaloesiophobia- Concern with terrifically boring intestine moves. Deipnophobia- Fear of dining or food conversations. Dementophobia- Concern with insanity. Demonophobia or Daemonophobia- Anxiety about demons. Demophobia- Concern about crowds. (Agoraphobia) Dendrophobia- Fear of trees. Dentophobia- Anxiety about dentists. Dermatophobia- Concern about skin damage. Dermatosiophobia or Dermatophobia otherwise Dermatopathophobia- Concern with skin disorder. Dextrophobia- Concern about items from the right-side of system. Diabetophobia- Concern about diabetes. Didaskaleinophobia- Fear of browsing university. Dikephobia- Concern with fairness. Dinophobia- Fear of faintness or whirlpools. Diplophobia- Fear of twice vision. Dipsophobia- Anxiety about sipping. Dishabiliophobia- Concern about getting undressed before people.Disposophobia- Fear of putting articles aside. Hoarding. Domatophobia- Concern about properties or being when you look at the property.(Eicophobia, Oikophobia) Doraphobia- Fear of fur otherwise peels from animals.Doxophobia- Anxiety about expressing opinions or from choosing praise. Dromophobia- Concern with crossing roads. Dutchphobia- Anxiety about the Dutch. Dysmorphophobia- Fear of deformity. Dystychiphobia- Concern about accidents.

    Heterophobia- Anxiety about the exact opposite intercourse

    A-b-c D Age F G H We J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z | Finest Ecclesiophobia- Concern with chapel. Ecophobia- Fear of domestic. Eicophobia- Anxiety about domestic land.(Domatophobia, Oikophobia) Eisoptrophobia- Concern about mirrors otherwise off seeing yourself inside the a mirror. Electrophobia- Concern with electricity. Eleutherophobia- Concern about freedom. Elurophobia- Concern with kitties. (Ailurophobia) Emetophobia- Fear of disease.

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