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Erick Sermon (EPMD) on their history commitment with Wendy Williams (Flashback)

Erick Sermon (EPMD) on their history commitment with Wendy Williams (Flashback)

Erick was like “YES. Individuals found out about Wendy and technique guy. The heat was off of me.”10 mins later. DJ Vlad flashback??

Why didn’t Wendy brought him up? She’s constantly going after Meff

Wendy fvkked all the heads of hip-hop in those days. She was the NYC lady. She liked sex, she was actually young and on coke, kids should be young men. everybody was willing and ready. Perhaps not a big deal. Wendy enjoys liiiived, honey. ?? And has stories to inform!! We is not crazy at the girl!

So essentially Wendy got a fan switched radio host change talking tv show number have the bag cause she staying in the news

These Wendy flash back once again striking tough especially the means man rumor

So she enjoyed you bc she liked & starred your audio at level of the job on a broadcast section she worked at or bc you have made they manage yu enjoyed the woman too? End w/the bs. Ya messed around bt bc additional pple clown the girl styles than praise the woman for her seems yu want to work modern. Skip all of us w/the circle jerk

Precisely. Yall fvkked. Stage. Which was everything must be mentioned. 30 next vlad vid

Wendy was once a dude correct?

Time for a unique one guy.

Are I the only one exactly who believes MF DOOM sounded like Erick Sermon

Never ever thought about they and soon you pointed out. Yeah lowkey

Next let us all run listen to “like music” Classic!

Stutter to a great deal. Just awful

Regard into the green-eyed bandit, but he only mentioning in circles! Lol Wendy Williams is one of the city she is one of the evening.

okay, but inquiring brains (love my own) remain interested in their committing suicide effort. Get that resources in a job interview VLAD. [Please & Thank You]

Observe exactly how Vladtv jumps within the blend of points whenever one thing is actually state during the media which he already manage. Then brings it returning to remind you he was the first to include they.

The guy Lyon like lucious

Would be that Erick Sermon, the common version ?

I’m pretty sure she smashed every 80s rapper.

Wendy ended up being heavier inside party world and probably stopping atmosphere opportunity from the radio in certain of the covers also. They knew this lady showcase because salacious because had been, was actually prominent and being heard on a normal.

Wendy have lots of niccas inside their emotions today ??

They got all striking Wendy manly searching butt. ??Should of just got that to your grave. ??

Funny just how guys inside the statements raggin on her behalf. never ever fulfilled the girl, will not ever see this lady. broke AF, willin to offer they mamas for a fraction of the girl money and popularity. foh. Let us read certain beasts within smash record. before you on her levels. seriously. STFU

Hi Vlad, TheXvid is really so competitive now that easily don’t observe many video clips for just two days, not merely one Vlad TV blog post will pop up in my entire feed. And I’ve been a subscriber for more than per year. merely FYI child.

Vlad is actually a douche case

The best set of all-time is actually EPMD

The Green Attention Bandit had been the Crap !? EPMD

To be these a complete rapper, we discover him speaking however for living of me personally I can’t know very well what in the arena he’s wanting to say

Haha! Yeah. Try to let your go lower to employment meeting thereupon slur and they slur his on right off to the pavement.

He has that slur

Wendy can be so nasty lmao FOH

He struck it!! It’s no fuss.

Erick resemble Wendy without the wig

Nyc niggas various bro. Wendy bruh? Tf people

Vlad mad mixy precisely why placed this on now lmfao

It actually was said in older times, Erick Sermon got the homosexual rapper.

The their lyrics have two fold significance ??

He spoken but stated nothing. I’m like what happened????????+?

misstoi Thanks for explaining

Wendy had been a radio groupie, the guy strike they, she had been upset because she wanted to date him, payback was to name your GAY each and every time she was actually throughout the frekin broadcast.

The green-eyed bandit. Def team must fall another album.

I inquire if the guy produced “who’s booty” or “fame” on her

I would have remaining that whole parts out Wendy?????+? which more your smashed auntie?? I wanna understand EVERYTHING!?

Wendy out right here offering wendy’s

Don’t Larger smash additionally?

Erick Sermon upper thighs looking thicker

He could’ve shortened his stories by 10,000 terms.

We banged it with this specific chap at a studio show and didnt understand exactly who he had been untill a while later. cool butt guy

“Nonononononono. I ain’t provide the lady no bus tokens.” ??????

I would too acknowledge chatstep it: I strike Wendy also. Exactly Who Raised Me?! ?????>? ????

Both you and them Transgingers

We realized they bro, yo Kirk, you have a kardashian about list?

Wendy or Wendall.

epmd albums nevertheless shoot

Every Person can validate that tale, nevertheless got a long time in the past”

A fan as in “fantasy” So she was a homie, perhaps not a groupie or anything but a homie. “Fan” has a lot of significance.

Fan is short for fanatic.

Eric Sermon does not era dudes met with the same face for 40 season’s

Prince Lii for real bro Alien ?? crap lol like Christina Milian she nonetheless can go for 21 22 crazy

//this are a flashback. Several years before but he nevertheless looks the same real

Mix bureau enthusiast.

DAMN NOBODY inside the reviews recognize how Erick Sermon is but one more UNDERRATED GREATEST songs MANUFACTURERS at this moment? SALUTE to Elizabeth DOUBLE aka THE GREEN EYED BANDIT! SALUTE TO DA ROCKWILDER as well DAMMIT!

Have there been rumors that he was actually homosexual?

For him to admit to simple fact is that same in principle as admitting to asleep with a person. ????

lol yeah that was horrible

Tirrell25 after witnessing their drooping within her bikini I’ll never be the same again.

have a look at her old pics she wasnt appealing but she in addition wasnt unsightly. but now she appears horrible

Performed the guy consume their through the straight back?

He appears like Eric Sermon the simple adaptation.

Don’t be wanting to clown my personal Homie. If the guy stated the guy failed to mess with Wendy the guy don’t and that’s on stage??

Chuck Tz Thank You So Much????

i currently knew concerning this meeting therefore already entered my personal attention whenever wendy put meth back the image once more after meth already known as the girl . wendy actually hunt much better before all the plastic cosmetic surgery. though she wasnt a penny I will understand why eric and possibly meth would have hit it. however she appears to be one thing might discover in a horror flick.

I remember this guy from def jam battle for New York

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