Here is the frequently asked questions page. You can refer here for all of your questions about the Frontera Festival. This would serve as your guide in attending the event.

Faqs - Frontera Festival

Is the ticket being sold at the venue?

We usually sell a limited number of tickets at the venue. However, we sell tickets online. You can grab your tickets here at this site and from our partners. Since it is easily sold out, we make it a point to inform our customers when our tickets would be sold to the public to give them an even chance. So, you really need to watch out for our announcement only here at our website.

What if the tickets are sold out already?

We understand that tickets for the Frontera festival get easily sold out. There are times when the second batch of tickets is released due to the public demand. But we do not want you to expect too much from this because such does not happen every year. There are many factors affecting this. Such include the size of the venue, among others. The safety and security of everyone are always taken into consideration here. We usually have a live coverage here so you can watch from your homes instead.

Do you sell other fan merchandises here?

We do not sell any souvenirs for the festival. But here, our partners do. You can find here online sellers that sell the products you need. We make available all the links at this website.

How can we get a refund?

You can contact the ticketing office where you got your ticket from. Please be aware that although there are sellers that accept refunds, they charge penalties for those who’d return the ticket especially 7 days before the actual event. So make sure to contact them as soon as possible.