Do Online Casinos Have Real Dealers?

Online casinos have so many games and options, which is one of their best features, but live casinos are definitely the thing that was a game-changer in the world of online gambling. The ability to play a game of blackjack, roulette, or poker with real players from all around the world, but from the coziness of your home, is just something that cannot be compared to anything else. And there’s the fact you can communicate in real-time both with your opponents as well as with your dealer. If you haven’t tried a live casino yet, visit MerkurXtip and give it a chance, you will be blown away for sure.

The general concern

Now, some people are questioning whether or not there is a real person leading the game in the exact broadcasting time, or that’s just an illusion. We are talking about an individual who is in charge at every live table, a professionally trained dealer who handles the cards and chips, who is taking bets and reporting results. And the answer is yes! Every respected and well-known online casino, even those yet unfamiliar to the wider group of players, have real croupiers controlling every live casino game. But bear in mind that once in a while, you may stumble upon a scamming online gambling platform that doesn’t stick to this imperative.

How do real dealers work?

The whole process of leading a live game of poker, baccarat, roulette, or any other game by a casino dealer is pretty simple. They are usually sitting in a specially designed studio, equipped with all the professional lighting and sound devices, as well as with an appropriate film set. It’s very rarely happening in the real casino space but in a studio of some kind. From there, they run the game just as they would if you are in a land-based casino – sticking to the same rules and models of behavior.

How can I communicate with a real dealer?

For now, in order to communicate with a croupier or with others who are playing at your table, you can use the regular chat. But bear in mind that while the opponents can and probably will answer to you, the dealer won’t because it’s how things work in an online casino. However, don’t think that he or she isn’t following everything that’s going on at their table. Now, according to some new information, it should be possible really soon for the players to have an ability to hear each other, as well as to see everyone else who are participants through a separate window. Clearly, that doesn’t mean you will be denied your right to anonymity if that’s what you please.


There’s no reason for you to doubt the presence of a real dealer in an online casino. These people really do exist, and they really are behind their own faces you can see when you join the table of your favorite live game. They are the ones that are creating an atmosphere that’s very much like the one in a land-based casino and an experience of real-time play with other people. We cannot guarantee you won’t come across some unregistered and untrustworthy online platform where these rules don’t apply, but in general, this is how things work.



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