Unique and Fun Things to Do in Milwaukee, WI

Whether you like to party or enjoy a stroll along the river, Milwaukee is the place for you. Much of the fame of the big cities comes from the breweries, as it should be, but that’s not all they have to offer. Events throughout the summer months have shifted identity to the “City of Festivals”. That’s largely thanks to a huge festival, Summerfest, which has been recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest music festival since 1999. In addition to music and beer, Milwaukee is also home to fantastic food, a rich, diverse community, a host of great museums, and much more. When you set out on your Milwaukee adventure, be sure to check out some of these places to see and things to do.

Henry Maier Festivalpark

Often referred to as the Summerfest Grounds, this is where Summerfest and other festivals take place every weekend throughout the summer. Ethnic and cultural festivals encompass most events, including Irish Fest, Pride Fest, Polish Fest, and many other popular gatherings. Races and charity events are also common. The concerts take place in the Marcus Amphitheater, which seats 23,000 people. The park enjoys prime real estate as it is on the outskirts of town and sits on Milwaukee Bay, steps from Lakeshore State Park and the historic Third Ward. If you’re in town during extended periods of sunshine, head across; there is sure to be a great event worth your precious free time.

Pubs & Breweries

I mentioned that Milwaukee has more to offer than the local beer scene. However, I wouldn’t think of omitting this formidable power. There is plenty of brewing in this city, and the competition is fierce. There are plenty of different styles of pubs and brewing styles around every corner, it seems, between Kilbourn Town and Juneau Town, along with a sporadic brewery or brewpub elsewhere in the city. You can take many tours, and most of them are cheap. These pubs won’t be hard to find, but they can make your hotel hard to find afterward, so take the necessary precautions and don’t overdo it. It’s hard to enjoy a city with a hangover.

River walk

There are miles of waterfront walking trails that combine the thrill of being in a big city with the aesthetic benefit of a central waterway. The project started in 1988 and continues to expand to combine local business opportunities with the chance to get some rest for the residents and visitors of the city. The vendors along the way offer plenty to snack on or take home as a souvenir or gift. A walk on the Riverwalk is a great way to experience Milwaukee. On the way, look for the Fonz statue. If you see it, say “Hey” to me.

Harley Davidson-museum

As the only one of its kind, you are sure to slide on to this special attraction with a complete collection of the world-famous bicycles. Artifacts from the very first Harley motorcycle ever built to the concept bikes of the future are here, with everything in between. You don’t drive? No problem. Everyone can enjoy the museum with all it has to offer. There are extremely well-curated exhibits that are both artsy and informative. There are also interactive exhibits for all ages. Go for a loved one who is interested and you will find yourself being sucked into the beautiful history of Harley Davidson.

St. Josaphat’s Basilica, St.

There aren’t many like this in the world. There are certainly not many in the United States. A beautiful structure built for worship in 1901 can be visited today regardless of your faith. The structure has charming details from top to bottom. It has one of the largest copper domes in the world. Even if you have been to Europe and visited the basilicas there, you will find that this one has credibility and prestige of its own. This is not the kind of place where you can let your kids run around; you should either make it a quick destination with the younger kids or you can leave the little ones with a nanny and enjoy a quiet afternoon wandering around and around the basilica.

safe house

It’s no secret that this place is more for the new experience than the food. Not that the food is bad, but you won’t run into Wolfgang Puck in the kitchen. However, you may come across a list of other celebrities as they are known for their presence from time to time. The spy theme is fun for both kids and adults. There is plenty for the children to look at and play with. For the adults, there is a dance floor in the basement. There are many surprises here, and I don’t want to spoil them. I’ll say you know the password better. So go and have some fun; it’s not a five-star dining experience, but you will definitely leave with a big smile.

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