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We love that it dashing name having an effective Latin style

We love that it dashing name having an effective Latin style

Crisanto is the derivation (in addition to one of the least common) regarding Christ from the Filipino language. So it nickname do appeal to mothers who want a religious title due to their kid, but do not need certainly to go the brand new Christian and Christopher station. Cris will be top nickname to own Crisanto grizzly reddit within view.

38. Vedasto:

Vedasto is the Foreign-language and Italian of Vedastus it is used widely in the Philippines just like the a beneficial remnant of determine Spain had across the nation). Title Vedastus arrived to the brand new main-stream determined by sixth century French saint, Vedastus.

39. Joselito:

Joselito ‘s the Filipino version from Joe tunes very different than just their similar for the Language pronunciation. It’s noticable because Ho-she-lee-pull. Nevertheless, they however sells the true concept of Joseph, which is ‘Jesus usually increase’.

forty. Rizalino:

That it weird name is determined by Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippines cure for Martin Luther King. Dr. Jose Rizal, an ethnic Filipino battled tirelessly to have their some body from inside the Language colonial time. In the event the Rizalino songs also hard for your requirements, you can just follow Rizal. Rizo or Riz would make the fresh quirkiest nicknames to possess Rizalino.

41. Ernesto:

Ernest is preferred commonly of the Filipino and you will Hispanic family. Which identity choose to go away from choose of late however, enjoys a danger of renewal with other ‘o’ finish kid labels. Ernie, Nesto otherwise Ernio will make sweet nicknames to possess Ernesto. Or if you won’t need to shorten they whatsoever. You can keep it just the situation.

42. Jonah:

The newest Hebrew title Jonah is extremely attractive to Filipinos. The definition away from Jonah are ‘dove’. It is the moniker of Old testament messenger who had been swallowed from the whale however, emerged unscathed after three days. So it identity also has looked within the clips such as for instance “Kicked Up” and you can “Sleepless within the Seattle”. Star and you will publisher Jonah Mountain is among the most popular holder out-of that it name.

43. Keanu:

Keanu try an evocatively exotic name taken to the brand new Philippines of Their state. It’s also possible to borrowing Keanu Reeves, the worldwide superstar for the prominence all over the world. Title has reached the big one thousand infant term record. This is off Keanu try ‘chill breeze over the mountains’.

forty-two. Luntian:

Although Luntian is much more preferred because the a great Japanese title, it can be Tagalog keyword to the colour eco-friendly. It’s usually with the fresh garland in the summertime.

forty five. Alon:

Alon try an effective Philippines name to possess ‘waves’ and you may means ‘Alon’. Additionally, it is thought the fresh new quick particular Alfonzo, which is a diminutive of Alphonso.

46. Vergel:

Vergel is amongst the best V-starting Filipino son brands. Their well-known bearer try Vergel Meneses, good Filipino top-notch basketball user exactly who used the newest Talk ‘N’ Text Mobile Buddies on the Philippine Basketball Organization.

47. Antonio:

Antonia, the newest Language variation regarding Anthony, is used commonly to own Filipino child males. Which have appeared in five away from his takes on, Antonio is also one of Shakespeare’s very favourite. Into the nickname, fool around with Tonio.

forty-eight. Juan:

Juan, the new Foreign-language version from John is actually well-liked, not only in the fresh new Foreign language-speaking industry, and also about Philippines. Title is really read in the wonderful world of football, particularly sporting events. The definition away from Juan was ‘the lord are gracious’.

49. Rodrigo:

Rodrigo ‘s the Foreign-language kind of antique label Roderick. And we also thought it may sound rhythmically tempting compared to completely new. This aristocratic label is definitely on top a lot of list, reaching its highest #220 on the later 1990’s.

fifty. Efren:

Efren, brand new Language type out-of Ephraim are good Hebrew term, definition ‘fruitful and you will fruitful’. Throughout the Genesis, Ephraim try Joseph’s next boy as well as the maker of one regarding the brand new tribes of Israel. Ephrem could generate an excellent pick.

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